Contrary to common opinion, the adult brain is not hard-wired or unchangeable. Your brain is able to grow and transform itself for your entire lifetime.

Who are we?


Altitude Minds is a performance solutions consultancy that applies neurobehaviour change principles to help individuals, workplaces and communities expand their thinking and transform their lives.    

What do we do?

We are a team of behavioural scientists who condense the latest research in neuroplasticity, behavioural science, psychology, cognitive neuroscience and foresight thinking to deliver an integrated neurobehaviour model to expand your thinking, and in turn, transform your life.


Workplace Neurobehaviour

Medicine for the

Understand how your thinking and behaviour shapes your experience of your work. Discover how to rewire your brain to reignite your passion for work and positively change your life.


Rewire your thinking for project success

Apply our integrated neurobehaviour model to master strategies that empower you to think innovatively, solve challenging problems, enhance your creativity, and improve your productivity.

Futuristic Leadership

For forward-thinking leaders

Apply our neurobehaviour model on an advanced level to learn how to thrive as a truly transformative leader, in the context of both the modern day workplace, and within your own life.

Join For Change

All of the work undertaken at Altitude Minds is in partnership with our sister organisation, Join For Change, a global not-for-profit organisation fighting against human trafficking, modern day slavery and child exploitation. 


Applying our integrated behavioural change model, we run specialised leadership programs for survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and slavery. The money raised through the Altitude Minds workshops funds the projects undertaken by Join For Change.

What happens when you rewire your brain?

Open your mind to opportunities

It pays to be curious. By questioning things you used to simply accept, you will force your mind to think and rewire the old links in novel ways. Your brain’s neurochemistry will change and your mind will, quite literally, expand by growing new neurons. Ask yourself, what is the one thing you can change right now to create the life of your dreams?

Increase your Intelligence

When you learn something new, you alter your brain chemistry. The changes in your brain help you improve your intelligence by making new links in the brain which then create new ways of thinking. Keep an open mind and pick up a book. Read one chapter and you will have already altered your brain for the better.

Find long term ‘true’ happiness

The benefit of neuroplasticity is that, no matter how difficult your life has been up until this moment, or how stressful your job has been, you are still able to reshape your thought patterns and behaviours in order to change your outlook for the better. You are the designer of your mind and the driver of your actions, not the other way round.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same
thinking we used when we created them.”

- Albert Einstein


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