"High performance work is shaped by your thinking, cognition and behaviour of every moment."

— Dr Ginny Monteiro

OUR Vision

Purposeful Organisations

To reinforce evidence-based work

Engaged Workforce

To strengthen the thinking of the workforce

Thriving Communities

To build a community in the workplace

our team

Dr Ginny Monteiro

Founder | Director
Dr Ginny Monteiro is the founder and director of Altitude Minds and its sister organisation, Join For Change. Born and raised in vibrant India, from a young age, Dr Monteiro aspired to become a role model for women within her community and beyond. Dr Monteiro has a Masters Degree in Public Health and a PhD in Behavioural Science and has spent over 15 years researching behaviour change, becoming a leader in her field. In 2009, Dr Monteiro devised the REFRESH Program, a novel model for neuro-behavioural change.
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In 2015, Dr Monteiro bicycled solo for 45 days across India to challenge gender stereotypes and raise awareness about gender inequality. The incredible journey left her with an intrinsic need to make a more meaningful impact. Thus, in 2016, Dr Monteiro founded Altitude Minds, a performance solutions company using neuro-behavioural principles to affect change within the workplace and beyond.
In 2018, Dr Monteiro founded Join For Change, a not-for-profit organisation, working to empower victims of trafficking and modern day slavery in low to middle income countries. A member of the UN Women NC and the UNA in NSW, Dr Ginny Monteiro continues to work towards collaborative initiatives to further to promote young women and young people to become leaders of their lives.

Academic Advisory Board

Altitude Minds has a consulting board of academic advisors who regularly contribute to our research and course content. We have consultants from the following disciplines:



We are relentless in the pursuit of truth to deliver value and wow to our clients. We use scientific, evidence-based research and futuristic design thinking as the strategic foundation.


We believe great organisational thinking is the sum of its parts. We partner and collaborate with authenticity, trust and transparency


We care deeply about our clients and serve their desires and needs to propel their success.


We believe we inspire ourselves and others by creating extraordinary solutions and having fun along the way.


We take decisive action with foresight thinking to counteract the unprecedented uncertainty and volatile changes of the future.


We strive for sustainable positive change. ‘Normal’ doesn’t exist in our vocabulary. We break rules and write new ones, and explain why.