Program Three

Futuristic Leadership

Discover the science of how to thrive as a truly transformative leader in the 21st century.


Recent scientific evidence has demonstrated that leaders impact not only their work output and their work environment, but they also alter their employees’ neural networks, thoughts and behaviour processes for better or worse.

Thus, an understanding of human brain and behaviour is integral to developing a leadership style that adequately meets the needs of staff, the wider workplace and the self in the 21st Century.


The Innovative Leadership Program exists for leaders who want to unlock cutting edge brain and behaviour strategies to excel within their fields. The program provides leaders with strategies to ensure their teams are able to apply the six cognitive processes that are necessary to thrive in the 21st century. These are complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence, decision making and cognitive flexibility.

Leaders will learn how to turn their workplaces into hubs of stimulation, connection, proactivity and optimism. Leaders will also develop skills for themselves to increase emotional and intellectual intelligence, develop a growth mindset, develop self-awareness and increase empathy.

Attendees to this course will have the opportunity to undertake our comprehensive Neurobehaviour Profile Assessment and undergo two personalised leadership strategy sessions based on the results.


Our revolutionary Integrated Behaviour Change Model combines the latest research in neural networks, behaviour change theories, human needs, and principles of the social brain.

Utilising our model, participants gain hands-on, simple and effective neurobehaviour techniques and tools that are instantly applicable in rewiring your brain.


The Futuristic Neurobehaviour Leadership Program explores how the technological age and the age of reason and information is driving organisational behaviour. These two aspects are dramatically reshaping the rules of success. You will shift from technical skills to cognitive based tactical skills in order to address complex problems. This course provides leaders, both established and emerging, to revitalise cognitive capabilities and development of different mindsets.

Discover how to handle change resistance among staff and organisations based on cognitive neuroscience and behavioural science and propel the team towards becoming productive and thriving gladiators. The social and emotional intelligence you gain will help you generate energy and enthusiasm to foster meaningful change and lead your team to build more effective relationships with your key stakeholders, exercise influence and handle difficult conversations.

Emerging leaders with a desire to reshape their lives and become transformational neurobehaviour leaders.

CEO’s and Directors with an interest in capitalising on the latest research on decision making, thinking, memories, roles, emotions, productivity and creativity.

Professionals keen to explore personal behaviour and thinking patterns.

Length: 4 days (2 days per month)

Max number of participants: 10

Prerequisites: Workplace Neurobehaviour

Extra Inclusions: 1 x Individual Neurobehaviour Profile Assessment and 2 x Personal neurobehaviour strategy sessions

How the technological age and the age of reason and information is driving organisational behaviour.
How to shift from technical skills to cognitive-based tactical skills in order to address complex problems.
How to grow cognitive and emotional capabilities
The development of different mindsets for different situations

We run this course three times per year in Sydney and once per year internationally. Please register your interest for upcoming Futuristic Leadership courses.

We limit every Futuristic Leadership course to no more than 10 participants to maintain a quality collaborative learning environment. Our courses fill up fast, so please register your interest to reserve your place.


By the end of this course, you will: