Our programs for INDIVIDUals

We have two programs for indviduals. Our Neurobehaviour Assessment Package focuses exclusively on shifting your thinking and behaviour. Our Workplace Neurobehaviour Personal Program combines the neurobehaviour assessment to shift thinking and behaviour, but also to develop fundamental leadership skills and overcome complex workplace and personal challenges.

Do you have a particular challenge that you want to address? 

We also work directly with our clients to create bespoke solutions.  If you are interested in working with us in this way, please get in touch.

Neurobehaviour Profile Package

  • Gain a fundamental understanding of how you currently think and behave.
  • Neurobehaviour psychometric assessment
  • Full report that maps out thinking and behaviour patterning
  • Implement thinking and behavioural shifts
  • Overcome challenges and barriers to thinking in new ways

Workplace Neurobehaviour Personal Program

  • Neurobehaviour psychometric assessment, report and unpack
  • Leadership development
  • Personal and team management
  • Complex problem solving, innovation and creativity
  • Cognitive development and neural rewiring