Program One

Workplace Neurobehaviour

Human Change Mechanics

Upcoming course:
14th – 15th August, Sydney Australia


Human beings are innately curious and have an astonishing ability to dive deep into new subjects. But, as adults, we tend to lose our childlike inquisitiveness and excitability to explore new information and embrace change.

Organisational and cognitive neuroscience shows that we are not hardwired and we can reshape our thoughts and behaviours to embrace change and create a thriving change adaptive workforce.

Developing the thinking and behavioural mechanisms necessary to support yourself, your staff and your stakeholders, to thrive within these rapidly changing times is a muscle that must be trained.


The Workplace Neurobehaviour: Human Change Mechanics program is designed to familiarise participants with the science of the brain and its interaction with behaviours that support change adaptive mechanisms.

We will introduce the concepts of neurogenesis and neuroplasticity and how your work, workplace, work colleagues and work managers are shaping your neural networks, and thus your experience.


Our revolutionary Neurobehaviour Integrated Model combines the latest research in neural networks, behaviour change theories, human needs, and principles of the social brain.

Utilising the new model, participants gain hands-on, simple and effective neurobehaviour techniques and tools that are instantly applicable in rewiring your brain to reduce, and eliminate, change resistance, change fatigue and change saturation at the personal and organisational level.


This course will support you to develop the thinking and behavioural mechanisms necessary to support yourself, your staff and your stakeholders, to thrive within these rapidly changing times. We provide you with the tools to increase your intelligence, enhance your creativity, grow your confidence, and vastly improve your productivity during change.

We provide awareness and fresh-thinking frameworks to support you to become a leader of your role and life, to help you capitalise on your behaviour and neural activity to meet the workplace changes. Our mission is to help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be in your professional trajectory using sustainable change techniques.

Professionals working with complex change projects and with multiple stakeholders.
Professionals interested in ensuring their work supports future cognitive abilities.
Professionals who are keen to discover more about the brain and behaviour interaction
Professionals who are keen to develop their cognitive flexibility to deal with the change in structure and environment within the workplace.
Professionals who are interested in increasing their productivity and creativity.
Professionals who are interested in getting new ideas to include in workplace health and wellbeing policy.
Professionals who want to become leaders within their role and thrive at their workplace.

Length: 2 days
Max number of participants: 30
Prerequisites: none

High quality, evidence-based frameworks you can use to thrive at work during change.
Knowledge and skills to ensure that you can make informed choices with regards to the type of work tasks you choose, the interactions you have with your colleagues and work managers and the environment in which you work to support change adaptive neural pathways.
How do develop a more energising and productive work environment conducive to innovation and creativity despite the pace and scale of change.
How to increase self-awareness and self-management to have better relationships at work.
Understand and develop your own growth mindset and expand your thinking styles.

27th – 28th July (Goa, India)
14th – 15th August (Sydney, Australia)
29th – 30th August (Perth, Australia)
We are based in Australia and we operate globally. Please contact us for upcoming International courses.

We limit every course to no more than 30 participants to maintain a quality collaborative learning environment. To book this course you first need to register your interest. We will then contact you personally to confirm your place. Our courses fill up fast, so please register your interest to reserve your place.


By the end of this course, you will: